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For My Father's Kingdom - feature documentry

For My Father`s Kingdom follows Tongan pensioner Saia Mafile’o and his family as they are stretched to breaking point by the commitment and passion to God that has driven Saia’s life.

This debut feature documentary offers a rich view of how contemporary secular families deal with the rigours of devout Christian tithing, as well as a unique insight into traditional Tongan culture.

Award-winning film Directed by Vea Mafile'o and Faalavaau Jeremiah Tauamiti, Produced by Sandra Kailahi and Vea Mafile'o and funded by the New Zealand Film Commission. Now available online in Aotearoa and Australia on the platforms below. Please contact us directly if you would like a custom screening in Aoteroa or Internationally with a Q&A.…/…/details/For_My_Father_s_Kingdom……/for-my-fathers-ki…/8d6kgwxn0fxc……/fo…/umc.cmc.19c8lfqzjcvj0lekm255jbeb1

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Liliu- Short Film

A young native court interpreter must choose his words carefully, as a Matai fights for her family and defends a culture that binds them both.

Award-winning Liliu is Written and Directed By Faalavaau Jeremiah Tauamiti. Produced by Ngaire Fuata - SunPix LTD and funded by The New Zealand Film Commission.  

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Toa'ipuapuagā- Strength in Suffering - Short Film

toa’ipuapuaga strength in suffering- wat

Her name, Toa, means “strong” in Sāmoan.  
Her full name, Toa’ipuapuagā, means “strength in suffering”.


When a young Samoan woman is stricken with bleeding stigmata during an Easter church service, she must face both adoration and condemnation from her deeply religious island community while struggling to maintain life as a wife and mother.

Award-winning film Produced and Directed by Vea Mafile'o.

DOP Faalavaau Jeremiah Tauamiti. A Malosi Pictures film with finishing funds from the New Zealand Film Commission. 

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Maria - Short Film


The matriarch of a large Polynesian family lies bedridden and silent, unable or unwilling to speak after a long illness.


When a family crisis strikes, Nan Maria gets unexpected help as she struggles to reunite her fractured family

 Award-winning film Directed by Faalavaau Jeremiah Tauamiti, written by Taofia Pelesasa, Produced by Karin Willams Funded by the New Zealand Film Commission.

Hawaii International Film Festival, Pollywood Pasifika Film Festival, Skábmagovat Saami Film Festival, MFAT South American Roadshow of New Zealand Films, Māoriland Film Festival, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Wairoa Māori Film Festival: Moana Award for Best Pasifika Short Film, PBS Online Film Festival 2017: Audience Award for Most Popular Film, Présence Autochtone: Montreal First Peoples Festival, Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian Native Cinema Showcase, Pacific Cine Waves, Whau Pacific Festival, Berlin Down Under Film Festival, Siapo Cinema Wellington, imagineNATIVE Media Arts Festival, Nuku'alofa Film Festival, Hokianga Film Festival, Show Me Shorts, Aussie and Kiwi Film Festival Prague, FIFO Tahiti Film Festival, Te Kuki Airani Film Festival, Native Crossroads Oklahoma, Vision Maker Film Festival.

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'Aho'eitu- Short Film

The Legend of Kava Tonga- Short Film 

Broken Silence- 48 Hour Short Film 

Completed as part of V48hour film festival. MALOSIfilms has been an integral part of the writing, acting, and production design of the Goodfellas success. They have been award the Sir Peter Jackson 'Wild Card' choice FIVE times, the most for any team in the annual nationwide film competition, a huge feat for a country known for film makers & shakers.  

'Winner of the Pasifika film festival Breakthrough Award in 2016 'Aho'eitu was Directed by Faalavaau Jeremiah Tauamiti and Vea Mafile'o and Produced by Malosi Pictures it was funded by Creative New Zealand and Coconet.TV 

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